Garapuvu Hostel offers a fully trained staff to help you choose how you want to spend your day. We carefully pick the “Actvivity of the Day” and feature it on the reception area, but if you want to enjoy something different, you came to the right city, Floripa has a lot to offer, different kinds of sightseeing, trails, beaches, waterfall, helicopter rides, skydiving. You name it, we have it all.

Windsurf - is a surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. Here in Florianópolis the place for windsurfing is Lagoa da Conceição, and we're real close to it. 

Surf – Florianópolis is really famous for its waves and competions, specially at Joaquina beach. The hostel is about 800 m from Joaquina, a short walk on a trail.

Stand up paddle – Hawaiian Sport which uses a similar board to a surf board, where the surfer stands on it and rows with a paddle. SUP, as it is known, is becoming real popular here in Florianopolis, and the best place to practice it is Lagoa da Conceição.

Rafting - it is an outdoor activity that uses a inflatable raft to navigate a river, you can only do it with an instructor and security equipment. There are different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill and excite its passengers. The rafting is done in another city, but it a short trip from the Hostel. It is worth going to.

Kart racing – you use go-karts to race your friends on a fun competition.

Trekking – long walks usually with a guide.

Walk – there are trails around the hostel, and the most popular one is the trail to Joaquina beach, wich takes about 15 minutes from our premisses.

There are different kinds of restaurants in Florianopolis and they range from sea food, to brazilian food, to oriental, to café and bistrôs.